Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product dimensions: appliance dimensions: 7.4x6.7x3cm (height x width x thickness), weight: 230 g

For 2 users, 2 X 99 data sets and time can be stored in each mode. The strap is very soft.

Requires 2 AAA batteries. Due to air travel restrictions, batteries are not included in the package. The pulse measurement range is between 13.5-19.5cm. Position your wrist and heart at the same height when measuring.

Intelligent detection: measure systolic blood pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate accurately.

Measurement through the wrist: measurement with a single button, easy to measure. Check if wear is standard, if posture standard, can reduce measurement inaccuracy.

?Product Specifications

?Product dimensions: 7.4x6.7x3cm (height x width x thickness), weight: 230 g

?Storage temperature: -20 ¡ã C- 50 ¡ã C

?Storage humidity: 15% ~ 90%

?Operating temperature: 10 ¡ã C-40 ¡ã C

?Operating humidity: 40% ~ 85%

?Screen: digital LCD display

?Measurement method: pulse scanning method / oscillometric method

Measuring range: high blood pressure / low blood pressure: 20mmHg - 280mmHg

Pulse frequency: (40 - 200) times / minute

Voltage: 3 V.


Read the instructions for use carefully before using the sphygmomanometer.

?Before measuring blood pressure, sports, smoking or drinking stimulant drinks (e.g. coffee or alcohol) are not allowed.


-Rest for 10 minutes before measurement

-Guarantee correct posture

-During the measurement, keep silent

-Don't clench your fist

-Do not place the blood pressure monitor on the back of your wrist

-Make sure that your blood pressure is stable

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