About Us

Our Brand

HEALTHPLUSCART.COM is a vibrant global online retailer. The first-hand materials enable us to promise you the best price and design. We aim to offer daily lifestyle products via easy, secure and fast online shopping, and we always put competitive prices and elegant products as our top priority.


Our Vision and Values

We constantly hold that premium things deserved being shared with more people. Life is limited, but the passion and love to life can be extended. Under the hard work of us, we hope to deliver happiness and health to you by creating and providing good products and warm service.


We also champion an environment of integrity, fairness and high moral standards, and encourage initiative and provide opportunity for our people, which can drive a long-term future for all of us.



We provide thousands of daily items with Home Things and Medical & Health Items as our main products. We believe our home and the health of us and our beloved ones always go first, so here at HEALTHPLUSCART.COM, you enjoy a wealth of choice to shop related items. The convenience of online shopping makes it easier and cost-efficient than ever before for shoppers to find the best and affordable products globally.


Competitive Price

We know that even there are various online or offline stores in the market, the budgets of our customers may vary, so based on the advantage of being a manufacturer, we are dedicated to producing premium products and meeting customers’ demands.


Product Quality Guarantee

Our core principle is to ensure the quality of our products, it matters to all of our customers and community. We believe only the products with good quality can last long, and the long-term trust drives the future of us. We hope our brand would like a friend of yours, to accompany you and your families for a long time.


Exceptional Service

We believe our customers are the original force of our beginning and they are also making the today of us, we always get along with them like friends and neighbors. Our mission is to understand them better and continuously strive to satisfy different requirements and tastes.

If you are unsatisfied with anything, please feel free to let us know, our professional customer service representatives will be flexible to provide custom solutions for you. We sincerely hope you can shop easier and happier here.

The name of the company: Jiangsu Huihai E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Company address: 6th Floor, Building A, No. 36 Yujinxiang Road, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China