Automatic Soap Dispenser,Contactless,Wood Grain 300ML


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1.No touch: This liquid soap dispenser is non-contact. The soap dispenser automatically recognizes your hand and immediately dispenses hand sanitizer. No need to touch and keep your family away from germs.
2.High-quality design: ABS environmental protection material, dirt-resistant shell. Silent design, more quiet, no noise interference. This automatic kitchen soap dispenser incorporates a new sensor detection technology. The upgraded sensor can extend its service life, and the sensitivity is higher and the hand feels soft.
3.Easy to use: This non-contact automatic soap dispenser has a precise trigger area that can trigger accurately, and your hand can be detected in one pass. Place your hand under the sensor to start the dispenser.
4.Large capacity: The large-capacity automatic soap dispenser shortens the time for refilling the soap solution, the foaming time is faster, and foam can be generated in 0.25 seconds. This type is used in ordinary household hand sanitizer, which is very suitable for kitchen, bathroom, hotel, hospital and other occasions. 300ml can be used by the family for about 60 days.
5.After-sales guarantee: Under normal circumstances, it can be delivered within 10 days, but the current situation is special, there will be delivery delays, if you have any questions after receiving the product, you can contact us, we will reply to the email within 24 hours.

Product Specifications:
Product dimensions: 72*142*220mm, weight: 255 g
Color: Wood Grain 
Voltage: 6 V,Requires 4 AAA batteries

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