Weight-reducing Intelligent Storage Data Electronic Scale

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Product Description
Color: black/red/white
Product size: 300X300X30mm.
Material: HIPS plastic, tempered glass.
Net weight: 1.7Kg. Parcel weight 1.9Kg
Screen size: 67X68mm.
Weighing range: 5-200Kg.
Dividing value: 0.1Kg.
Unit: Kg, LB, ST.
Backlit white text LCD with blue background.
Power: Two AA batteries.

1.The newly upgraded four-point sensor has fast transmission speed, more sensitive weighing, continuous accuracy, stability and durability.
2.Adopt the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, built-in intelligent induction system, can automatically turn on when standing up, and automatically turn off when no one uses it for 8 seconds.
3.High-quality materials and beautiful appearance. The ABS base is not easy to touch and is safe to use. High load-bearing, high-strength tempered glass with good impact resistance and high pressure resistance. The maximum load can reach 200kg.
4.Intelligent data storage, can store data of ten people, to meet the needs of a family, as long as the user's height, age, and gender are set once. Users can be identified automatically the next time they are used.
5.Kg,Lb,St,St-lb,Jin and other units can be set on mobile phone.

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