Food Insulation Bag

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Insulation heating series lunch box lunch box heating bag is popular among white-collar office workers and household heads. It can heat constant-temperature pasta, meals, drinks and takeaways for children to ensure that the temperature is appropriate and delicious.

1. A variety of power supply methods can be used to connect the USB computer to the charging treasure (requires the charging treasure to meet the current requirements, 5V2A output, mainly because the insulation effect can not heat food), characterized by convenience and simplicity.

2. The family-specific type uses the conventional 110-220V power supply, which has fast heating and good thermal insulation, mainly because of its high efficiency, and the intelligent model can control the temperature, which is more intimate and accurate

3. Car heating model, easy to carry out, picnic barbecue, heat preservation and heating, convenient for the whole family to go out, with fresh ice function, can meet your needs in summer and winter

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