Forehead Medical Thermometer for Fever, Light Blue


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1.Delivery time: the delivery time of our products is relatively short. We will inform you in advance of any delivery problems.
2.Specification: weight 125g, width 95mm, height 165mm, LCD screen display, power: DC9V square high energy power supply.
3.Product details: measurement range: body temperature: 32-42.5℃, temperature: 0-100℃; The power consumption is less than 50mw.
4.Characteristics: Fast reading. Recalls last reading. Disposable hygienic probe covers. Clinically proven accuracy. Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Accuracy to 0.1°C. Easy to read LCD display. Readings available in 1 second.
5.Note: there is an error of 0.2℃. Only when the temperature is between 10-40℃ can it work normally. The machine will shut down automatically after 15s.

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