Intelligent cervical spine massager charging remote control voice electromagnetic pulse press hot compress vibration percussion shoulder and neck

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Unlock the new fun of massage: fit the neck massage more in place three zones to soothe neck discomfort at any time to care for your neck.
Give your tired neck a spa: warm energy, compact and portable, versatile place.
U-shaped ring neck clip point design: lightweight body + fit to the neck design to wear a non-restrictive feeling, more effective massage.
3D intelligent automatic adjustment: low-frequency electrical impulses deep cervical care, relax local muscles to eliminate neck fatigue.
4 modes, 15 levels of strength: according to individual needs to adjust to meet a variety of massage needs, targeted relief of the corresponding symptoms.
Long-lasting battery life of 8 days on a single charge: with USB charging interface, about 4 hours on a single charge, 30 minutes per day, can be used for 8 days.

How the neck massager works:
Using different frequencies of microcurrent pulses to simulate a variety of traditional massage techniques.
Fit the neck through the electrode pads.
Some users will have a slight tingling sensation when using this product for the first time due to dry skin, this is not a leakage, but the normal use of microcurrent pulse. Sensation.
After a few uses, you will get used to the feeling of low-frequency pulses and experience the soothing effect on your neck muscles.
When the product is working, only the electrode sheet part of the body can emit radio waves, and the size and band can be adjusted through the mode, gear up or down.
Our products have been tested by a professional quality inspection agency and are considered safe, so please feel free to use them.

Note: Pat some water or wipe with a damp towel/wipe on the back of the neck before use and start adapting from a low setting to effectively dampen the electrical impulses. Stinging.

This product is a physical therapy products, according to the individual body effect will be different, some people just started using will have a slight tingling sensation.

Charging voltage: 5V100mA Rated Power: 6W
Timing: 30 minutes Massage contacts: 3
Product net weight: 180g Product volume: 18.4* 7.5* 17.5 cm
Massage Techniques: Tapping, Shiatsu, Percussion

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