Professional Level Precision Portable Alcohol Breath Analyzer


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Usage instruction:

* Press the switch button for 1 second and the display will start after a sound

* Enter a heating time of 10 seconds

* The heating ends, after the BLOW logo appears, blow with a blower for 3-5 seconds

* Displays the test result:

the alcohol concentration is 0.02% -0.05% BAC, the "Caution" sign appears

The alcohol concentration is higher than 0.05% BAC and the sign "Danger" appears

* After releasing the button, it switches off automatically.



  1. Please start the test 20 minutes after drinking.
  2. The power supply is composed of 2 AAA alkaline batteries, not included in our package.
  3. For more accurate results, the test can be repeated 2-3 times.

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