Sports Bracelet-Green


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Basic parameters:

 Compatible system: IOS7.1 and later, Android4.4 and later

 Main functions: heart rate monitoring, step count, calories burned, distance, automatic sleep monitoring, incoming call and message reminder, alarm reminder, remote photography

 Screen size: 1.3 inches

 Screen type: IPS HD color screen

 Connection parameters: Bluetooth 4.0 synchronization

 Other parameters: TPE material aspect

 Other features: Touch screen

 Control mode: key switch

 Battery type: lithium polymer battery

 Charging method: USB charging


-Easy charging at any time, long-lasting battery life: USB in-line charging design, unplug the wristband,

You can charge directly on any computer and USB charger,

-Sports tracking: No mobile phone required, intelligent calculation of walking steps, distance and calories.

-Heart rate / blood pressure monitoring: The heart rate and blood pressure changes can be read through the built-in chip sensor, and the heart rate and blood pressure during exercise can be monitored at all times, which is convenient for free planning of exercise time and exercise volume according to their own conditions. Focus on understanding your own health

-Smartphone assistant: Incoming phone calls can be sensed through wrist vibration. Take pictures remotely, shake the bracelet to take pictures.

Find the mobile phone, and operate it through the bracelet, you can make the mobile phone ring and find the mobile phone conveniently. Find the bracelet, click the bracelet command through the mobile APP, the bracelet will vibrate.

-Sleep monitoring and sedentary reminder: worn at night, you can monitor sleep data and analyze sleep quality. When you are sedentary for a long time, the bracelet calls you to get up and move, walk outdoors to breathe fresh air, combine work and rest, and make your body and mind healthier.

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