UV Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp LED Ultraviolet Light Bar Tube


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1.Delivery time: the delivery time of our products is relatively short. We will inform you in advance of any delivery problems.
2.Specification: weight: 300g, size: 192x30x16mm
3.Product details:suitable for sterilizing enclosure space such as closets, cupboards, bookshelves, almirah and so on. This is an ultraviolet LED light with low power consumption
4.Characteristics:the lamp shade that uses high transparent PC to prevent ultraviolet ray;Long life LED, low power consumption, low light decay.
5.Note: this is a low-power uv lamp, only suitable for a small range of use.Prolonged staring is not recommended.It contains fluorescent agent, which is caused by the chip manufacturing process. After a few times of use, the color fades, which is caused by the activation of the chip, not the aging.

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