UV Disinfection Lamp On The Table


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Product Name: 3.8 W Portable Germicidal Lamp
Product size: 56 X 56 X 125 Mm
weight With packaging: 255g
bare metal weight: 117g
power: 3.8 W.
battery specifications: 102540 lithium battery With protection board
battery capacity: 1000mah
Charging time: about 3 hours
Discharge time: (standby time and continuous working time) approx. 100 minutes
Charging voltage and current: charging voltage 5V, currently 500mah
light wavelength: 185nm With ozone
rated voltage (DC): 37v
rated power (Dc): 3.8w
charging voltage (DC): 50 V.
material: para
color white
lamp life: 30000h

After pressing the button, the indicator light flashes for 3 seconds to start the sterilization and it switches off automatically after 30 minutes, without a manual switch
Safety quartz glass tube, higher permeability, stronger sterilization effect and long service life
Efficient mold removal and sterilization, care of children and the elderly, people with low immunity, efficient disinfection of pet rooms, nowhere to contain bacteria, protect healthy growth
Versatile: This is a portable germicidal lamp, suitable for many occasions, such as bedrooms, kitchens, shoe cupboards, toilets, baby rooms, pet rooms, toilets, school hotel factory space you want to clean
With ozone: micro ozone uv lamp, ozone has sterilization, besides formaldehyde to smell and other functions, without the influence of obstacles, in order not to achieve blind spot sterilization. Ozone contains peculiar smell, which must be ventilated before it is closed

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